Engineered Services

Roof Trusses. Web Floors. I Joists. Designed. Assembled. Delivered.

As a full service building material supplier, Magbee Contractors Supply offers the builder a variety of solutions designed to streamline the construction process.

A major component of our service package is the Engineered Services Department, which offers floor joists, header beams, roof trusses and web floors.

Service Features


Plans thoroughly reviewed before layout
Design criteria customized to customer
Roof and ceiling loads factored into plans
All bearing and point loads tracked and defined
Value engineered for cost consideration
Additional engineering available for beam and/or header sizing
Jobsite training and installation assistance
Joists marked to correspond to layout
Special fabrication available upon request
HVAC cutout available
Prompt delivery commitment
Field verify installation of floor systems to help ensure accuracy and structural integrity
Design load calculation with engineered seal available for building inspector upon request

Why Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood products are inherently superior to other wood products and are a better use of of natural resources.

Engineered wood products take the natural strengths of wood fibers and re-configures them in ways that make the products more consistent and predictable, resulting in better performing materials that create less waste.

Floor Joists

Wood I Joist- 2-1/2″X11-7/8″
Wood I Joist- 2-1/2″X14″
Wood I Joist- 2-1/2″X16″

Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL- 1-3/4″X9-1/4″
LVL- 1-3/4″X11-7/8″
LVL- 1-3/4″X14″
LVL- 1-3/4″X16″
LVL- 1-3/4″X18″
LVL- 1-3/4″X24″


Rim Board- 1-1/8″X11-7/8″X12′
Rim Board- 1-1/8″X14″X12′
Rim Board- 1-1/8″X16″X12′

Simpson Hangers
Engineered Services